Monday, September 16, 2013

5 decorating dilemmas >>> solved.


From the paint to fabric choices, accessories to furniture- interior projects can be a little daunting, especially when you're trying to revamp your living space solo. Here are 5 decor dilemmas I've heard from people and the answers I believe will help solve them.

1. Q. I love following trendy styles and keeping up on what's "current" for the home, but will I regret adding this decor in a few years or even months when it seems to fall out of style?

A.  A lot of people buy furnishings & accessory items for their living spaces and leave unchanged there for years and years. They may want to freshen things up, but aren't sure how to without changing the entire space. Start with accessories-- if you see something currently on-trend that you fall in love with [neon pops of color, a certain pattern or floral, etc.] go ahead and buy it in an accessory [pillow, lamp shade, vase, art work/mirror, rug, etc.]. Finding items in unexpected places will help you avoid the mass trends. If you are wanting a more unique collection- try going to antique or flea market type places. Also important: many people feel as though they have to display all of their home furnishing accessories at once, but don't! Adding more and more to your space can look clutter-y and styles start to clash. In a few months or a year you can always swap out those pieces for new ones or recycle back to items you had before.

2. Q. I want to make my bedroom a tranquil & calming space I can come to, but I don't want it to be boring. What are some colors and ways I can make it feel warm and interesting?

A. I agree, your bedroom space should be a place you can come to relax and feel at peace. I don't believe neutrals have to be boring-- if you don't want a lot of color- add texture in your bedding/accessories or even a stenciled/accent wall. If you are wanting color on your walls keep them toned down or muted. You can still go bolder in colors with accessories or add unexpected pops of color to keep it interesting.

3. Q. My carpet is old and hideous! I am on a really tight budget right now- so I cannot rip it out & replace it, what can be done?

A. My biggest suggestion is a large rug. I love rugs- it will not only cover most of that bad carpet color/stains but it also helps to define your space.  Once the rug and furniture are topped in place- most of the carpet will be hidden underneath. 

You also could try pulling up a small corner of the carpet and peeking in to see what is underneath. It could reveal a hardwood floor- in which it can be stained or painted to achieve a new look pretty inexpensively. 

4. Q. I have inherited some older, traditional type furniture in really great condition but they don't really match what is currently in my home, are they worth keeping?

A. If they are in good condition and you need them, by all means keep them! The easiest, quickest way to update them to fit your home is paint! I personally love the mixture of traditional pieces revamped in a modern way. Paint and hardware are going to be the easiest way to update and are a pretty cheap solution.

5. Q. We are building a house and I am torn on the kitchen cabinets. Right now I'm going with white/cream colored cabinets and a darker stained walnut brown island. I'm getting nervous that the white cabinets are really going to date my kitchen. I've always loved the look of cherry wood with a darker stain and now I'm wondering if the stained wood will be a more 'timeless' choice and I'd be better off. Is white going out?

A. Personally, I love white- and I don't believe it is going out of style. I also like the contrast you are giving yourself with the white cabinets and dark island. But really it's what you prefer- what your design style is. Dark wood/stain is timeless and will probably never go out of style. If you are wanting to go white though, I would make sure it is "white white" instead of cream. Bright white, clean & crisp cabinets with more modern/updated hardware are what I am currently loving. But if you have a more traditional style go ahead with the dark cabinets and dark island- that will still look great.


What are some of your decorating/design dilemmas?


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