Monday, March 31, 2014

nixon's nursery >>>the wall

happy monday friends! 

I have been anxiously awaiting decorating Nixon's nursery since before he was born, but until we moved about a month ago, our place was just too small. he had a "room" I guess, but it was also where I had my clothes, our filing cabinet, etc. so it really wasn't his room----- sadly. but hey he didn't know the difference and you gotta do what you gotta do, right?! :)

 I was so happy to move and get going on his room (since he was 10 months at this point!). it's not totally finished but I wanted to share with you my favorite part! 

these awesome wall decals I ordered from urban walls
they have TONS of shape + colors options to choose from and the decals are awesome quality-- check out the reviews if you don't believe me!

I went with the classic black triangle. + I absolutely love it!

my sister was asking me how I lined them up so "perfect" and the truth is...they aren't perfect!
I started with a few decals in a corner and measured the [horizontal] spacing between decals, which is about 11 inches.
then I eyeballed how far apart [vertically] I wanted them-- I want to say from one triangle to the next directly under it was about 20ish inches??
I knew I'd go crazy + have to spend 300 hours strategically placing each triangle for it to be "perfect" so I did a lot of eyeball placement and I think it turned out pretty great :)

I also follow UW on instagram, if you don't you should-- danielle is always posting inspiration/idea posts on how to use the decals + feedback photos from actual customers, which also give you ideas on how others are being creative with the decals.
 the decals are so easy to peel + place and really are the perfect solution for renters. but also if you own your home they are great too, for a less permanent wall treatment. 

you can also follow UW on twitter, pinterest, and facebook for more inspiration

I'll post more of his nursery later!! (hopefully it will be done by then)

Friday, March 28, 2014

diy friday

happy friday friends!

 today I have a super cute, fun & easy diy project brought to you buy danielle oakey interiors blog. I wanted to share with you her awesome tutorial on making a diy headboard. she made this adorable headboard for her little girls room; you could make one for your own bed if you don't have any kids that need one. you will just need to size up everything.

+ she did it all for only $46 bucks!!

she says all you need is:

plywood, batting, & your choice of fabric

check out her full tutorial here

hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

currently craving >>>headboards

I don't really need a new headboard or bed...but I've been swooning over a few of these + more than half of these babies are currently on sale
so if you are looking for a new headboard-- now is the time to pull the trigger!

here are a few I am currently craving...
which ones are your favorite?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

jonathan adler for JCP

JC Penney kind of dropped off the earth the last 5-10 years...but has come back alive with the help of their spokesperson ellen degeneras >>love her!<< and some new better products. I have to admit though, I still haven't shopped at JCP since about 10 years ago but I came across this happy chic collection by jonathan adler and I absolutely love it! 

 plus JCP is currently running a 40% off select furniture with code: 8HOME
free shipping over $99
online only --- extra 20% off $100 or more with code: SHOP4FUN

now get your shop on! here are a few of my favorite picks:

one // two // three // four // five

I love the mid-century, modern feel of this collection.

Monday, March 24, 2014

in my own backyard...

when we think about spectacular design and multi-million dollar homes, utah doesn't really pop up on the radar. no offense....I live here [haha]
but seriously-- you see immaculate mansions along the coast of laguna beach or the upscale penthouse on the upper east side. 

but not today.

today I bring you a crazy spectacular private estate here in >>> holladay, utah!

I discovered the estate on freshome, where they found it listed at a jaw-dropping $13.9 million.
I never knew such a pricey residence was pretty much in my own backyard...

"A lush and private 1.6 acres surround this extraordinary Estate. Beyond the gates lie large waterfalls and ponds surrounded by an artists’ tapestry of flowers and plants.  The magnificence of this timeless home is at every turn."  

this monstrous house has a main level, upstairs + basement. 
four master bedrooms, seven other bedrooms.
three full and seven partial bathrooms.
if you also count living spaces, you have an overwhelming 22 rooms!

the design is very traditional with lots of wood work detail, arched walkways, and wood beans. the overall interior design feel is neutral [tans and browns with little color] with lots of traditional textiles and leather seating. 
overall, the decor it is certainly not my style, but it does it quite well with the home and gives it an almost "royal" atmosphere.

here are the pictures I have from freshome---take a look, what do you think? what do you love/not love about the home, design, decor?


I guess I'd live here.....ha, ahhmazing right?!

Friday, March 21, 2014

nightstand makeover for your weekend

sorry about my absence yesterday...Nix has been teething like crazy the past few days. we had a doctors appt. tuesday and he informed me that he was getting  F O U R  top teeth in right now. he has about half of one of the front ones and just the two little bottom ones so far haha. so needless to say, he has been a whiny, hold-me-all-day, crying baby the past week. I had been losing my patience and feeling like I couldn't do anything 100%-- work or be a mom, so yesterday I took the day off to 100% be a mommy and comfort my baby and yesterday was a good day.

today I wanted to share this awesome and easy ikea nigtstand makeover.
Joy uses the ikea hemnes nightstand that runs at $69.99
[she already had these stands and wanted to update them]
in case you currently don't have nightstands or one that will work-- the tarva nightstand runs at only $39.99 and would work just as well for the makeover.

before they are just eh, okay.

 hemnes on left // tarva on right

and after they are so amazing and different. so mid century and I love them! she stained the pull out drawer and got a new knob from anthropologie that really just completes the look.

check out Joy's tutorial here

and have a fabulous weekend babes!! I am so excited to be attending rail girls SLC tonight & tomorrow! check back monday to see how it went. xoxo

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

a tip or two

today I wanted to share with you a few tips from the experts about home design.
you can trust these big dogs in design -- they know what they're talking about!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

kids + baby swooning

today I found myself swooning over everything baby + kids over at the land of nod.
of course, I headed over to the sale section and found some awesome picks at super-awesome pricing.

check out a few of my favorite's:

Monday, March 17, 2014

st pattys day cravings

in honor of st. patricks day I decided to go all out in GREEN, obviously.

 sorry if the title had you fooled into thinking this was some sort of food craving's post......or maybe I'm the only one thinking about food all the time haha.

here are some of my current green cravings for your home + they are all on sale of course!

Friday, March 14, 2014

easy diy ideas for your weekend + feelgoodfriday

hi babes
welcome to the weekend :)
today I have a handful of super, super easy diy washi tape ideas for your home. they take only a few minutes and can make a world of difference. the best part is that it's only tape-- easily removable tape, so after a few months you can always take whatever you created harm done!
what do you think, are you going to try any of these ideas?

 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6



 in honor of pi day----eat some pie today!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

exciting news today!

oh. my. gooooodness.
I have some super exciting news to share with you all today!.....

I am the newest contributor over at the AMAZING 6th street design school blog by kirsten krason!

I am SO happy to be joining the team and I will be posting a couple times a month over there, so if you somehow aren't already following kirsten...make sure you start-- she is such an inspiring interior designer sharing her design projects, tips and experience.

head on over to check out my first post that is up today-- I'm sharing pillows under $25!