Wednesday, April 30, 2014

secrets of a personal organizer

I have to try very hard to be clean + tidy. I always thought I was this really organized person who kept things relatively clean until the last few years when I realized I am naturally a messy person...

since having nixon I have gotten a lot better at keeping our house clean + keeping documents, meetings, and appointments in order-- but it really takes continuous daily effort

 I came across an article that lists out almost 30 secrets of a personal organizer that they would never tell you for free. you can click here to see the full list, I am going to list out a few of my fav's that really applied to me

1. create 5 piles
you need to set out 5 piles for sorting: move to another room, give to a specific person, donate, throw away, + lastly "marinating" pile. pack up the marinating pile with it dated for 6-12 mo. later and when that time comes and you haven't opened the box--- ditch it!!!

2. remove the clutter
people tend to organize backwards.
some people who think they're disorganized run out + buy storage bins, hooks, and containers. they get home and try to fit everything in them but things don't fit right because they didn't sort through the stuff first. when items don't all fit the bins just add to the clutter.

3. the number one problem
too much paper.
80% of the paper you get you don't need to keep! you need to weed out paper every day-- magazines, newspaper, catalogs, mail, receipts, and more. + try going paperless with bills.

4. sure, you could try selling that online
maybe it's worth your time selling something with worth over $100, but unless you are accustomed to selling items online or really need the money-- you should just give it to someone in need and keep on your organizing project.

5. put everything on your calendar
even errands, working out + cleaning the house. then you can prioritize by importance.
if it's not on your schedule, it's not in your life.

6. closet
switch all of your clothes backwards in their hangers, once you wear an item put it back in normally. in a year, if you still see items backwards you're obviously not wearing them....get rid of them

7. hanging shoe bags
in addition to using it for shoes it is great for gloves/hats in the winter, sunblock, sunglasses + goggles in the summer. also for crafts, toiletries and makeup.

8. biggest secret
don't procrastinate...
things that are postponed a few minutes eventually add up to hours. 
always open mail right away and discard what you don't need, do the few dishes in the sink, + put things away when you are done using them.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

tuesday huesday >>> citron

I am loving citron yellow!

the fun, perfect color for spring. gender neutral + guaranteed to brighten up any room.
works in any design style and automatically brings the room up a notch on the this-room-makes-me-feel-good scale.

check out my favorite finds---- ALL are on sale right now

stripe sheet set // west elm
circles area rug // target
counter stool // target
ombre accent pillow // anthropologie
leather zip case // west elm

Monday, April 28, 2014

hanging planters >>>bring it on

happy monday babes! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, we sort of unexpectedly bought another car! but it was something we needed pretty badly (the poor jetta is so ready to make its way out of our lives..) and we found a really good deal on a honda crv, which will be great for the snowy winters + a little more room for us all. we finished up the paper work this morning and bam--- its ours :) we are so excited!

I've been thinking for awhile that I really need to add some life into our in plant life. a little greenery makes you feel good and as long as they are low maintenance (succulents for example) they have a chance to stay alive

I am currently obsessing over hanging planters for. there are so many fun ideas + a lot of diy fun. here are a few of my favorites right now for your home

one // two // three // four // five

Friday, April 25, 2014

friday diy >>>bug off

for today's diy I decided to do something a little different than the usual diy decor item.
today I came across this awesome "bug off" in a mason jar.

picture and source found here

as summer is quickly approaching and the weather is finally starting to get nice enough to want to hangout outside during the evenings, this will become very handy

"bug off" in a mason jar.
>>>add floating candles, citronella oil, mint, lemon, lime, & rosemary
you will be keeping those pesky bugs away and what a pretty accent it makes! people will never even know the real reason you put this on the table, they will just think you are the best host with super cute table decor ;)

happy friday babes, hope you all have the best weekend!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

pillow covers under $17

sometimes it really is hard to find the right accent pillow.
there are quite a sizes and about a million patterns/textures but it can still be a challenge to find exactly what you want and for the price you want to pay(or can afford to).

bright + bold designs shop on etsy has some of the cutest patterns I have seen! here is what she has to say about herself and her shop:

"This is the place to find BRIGHT & BOLD Pillow Covers at affordable prices! My name is Shalyn Blaisdell and I hand sew every pillow that customers buy to make sure it is of the highest quality and going to last! 
All of our fabrics are very durable and have bright and fun patterns and prints! One little catch.... we replenish our fabrics very often and only have so many of each pillow so if you see one you like, snatch it before its gone! But don't worry it will be replaced by another BRIGHT & BOLD one soon!"

+ here are a few of my favorites that she has in her shop right now!

one 16.90 // two 16.50 // three 15.90 // four 16.90 // five 15.90  // six 16.90

order one of these, run to ikea and grab a cheap insert and you are set!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

spring patio sale

as spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about a patio set!
there are so many options these days to satisfy the needs of pretty much everyone. whether you have a large backyard, a tiny apt. balcony, want a table + chairs, or just a lounging area to sit on by the pool, there is something for everyone!

target is currently having a spring patio sale, so don't wait if you have been looking to buy.
here are a few of my favorite picks!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

tuesday huesday >>>navy

welcome to tuesday huesday!

today I decided to take a look at the ever so classic ---- navy.
perfect for paint, accents, bed, bath, or kitchen. black seems to be the classic go-to dark color, but I think navy will soon makes its way into people home in place of black.

here are a few of my navy picks--- most of which are on sale of course
check them out

Monday, April 21, 2014

monday + spring trends

happy monday babes

I'm feeling a little under the weather allergies this year are out of control! my eyes have been itching like crazy the last few days + I think I may have tried ripping them out last night in my sleep.

I hope you all were able to enjoy easter with family or loved ones. I was able to visit my family back in boise and it was a great weekend. 

I saw this video yesterday + it really touched me so I though I'd share today even though easter was yesterday. hope you enjoy

spring trend alert

 the comeback of pastels.

get ready to bust out the pastel shades of pink, yellow, blue, green, orange, etc. you can't go wrong with any color. you can go crazy and bold (maybe a new accent chair) or pops of color are perfect too(and more practical)-- a pillow, vase, table book, lamp, or a throw.
now is a great time to think about revamping up something you already have, but needs a facelift. paint the frame of a mirror or a picture frame in a fun spring color. even go as far as giving a fresh look to your front door!
[also trending is choosing a color and incorporating different shades of that same color throughout the room]

Thursday, April 17, 2014

weekend online sale

h & m is running an online weekend sale until sunday april 20
up to 50% off select womens, mens, kids, and home departments!

here are a few of my picks

one // 34.95 20.00
two //  12.95 10.00
three // 9.95 5.00
four // 19.95 10.00
five // 34.95 20.00
six // 12.95 10.00
seven // 14.95 9.00
eight // 12.95 9.00
nine // 14.95 10.00

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


this morning I couldn't stop looking at these dreamy day I will have a home with all the rooms like this. airy, lots of white, light and basically magical.

here is some wednesday inspiration for you! what do you think-- is your dream home like this too, or is it just me?
all images found via pinterest

Monday, April 14, 2014

a little monday diy

happy monday morning babes, hope you all had a relaxing weekend.

friday morning my husband + baby + I headed down south to las vegas for the weekend. it will filled with perfect sunny weather, good food, and lots of pool time! a much needed weekend escape.

now back to reality! since I wasn't able to post a diy friday project, I decided to post one today! this awesome project comes from one of my favorite blogs--- eastcoast creative. they always have great diy projects + lots of home inspiration in general.

diy wood shim wall art --- view full tutorial here

such a fun way to add color + texture to any space. they went the colorful, bold route but you could easily use a neutral color [or colors] and go for a more textural accent. such a fun idea! 

all images from eastcoast creative blog

ALSO--- eastcoast creative is currently in round 4 of their "creating with the stars" competition and there are only a few projects left until the grand prize winner will be announced!
+ these projects are freaking amazing! so much inspiration is it crazy. click here to see the top 4 projects and vote for your favorite to make it onto next week!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

finding your nursery rocker/glider

all of you preggo, glowing, soon-to-be-mamas-- this ones for you.

the most important thing your baby will need once it's sweet, innocent little spirit enters this world will be to eat
whether that be by the bottle or by you is for you to decide. but whatever you decide you will want a calm, quiet place to feed that little angel....and that calls for a glider/rocker in their nursery. 

here are my two cents-- I have loved being able to nurse my baby, I honestly feel like it has given us a special bond since the day he was born. not only do they say mama's milk is way better than formula- but it's more convenient than having to make a bottle at 2 am + it's always at perfect temperature + you don't have to pack bottles & formula wherever you go + your baby finds a special comfort in you.
not to say if your baby isn't nursed they won't bond with you or anything else-- I totally understand circumstances where people are physically unable to nurse and that's just life. but if you have the choice, I would say 100% do it. for you and your baby.
that being said-- I am so ready to stop nursing now that he is 11 months! just one more month haha

you need a comfortable seat to rock, feed, and snuggle that baby.
rockers can run up over $1,000--- so make sure you save up & budget for this large (but necesasry) purchase.

I have gathered a handful of gliders/rockers to please all price points-- take a look

one 899 // two 329.99 263.99 // three 799 // four 579.99 // five 169 // six 899 // seven 899 // eight 449.99

click on the images below to be taken straight to the source

*item 5 can be found here
*item 6 can be found here

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

before and after >>>shea mcgee designs

nothing makes me say "ooohhhh + ahhhhh" more than to see the work of a design come together. sometimes the before images don't really seem that bad, but compared to the after---- there is just no comparison!

I love to look at other designer's work and see how they in-vision a room from the very beginning. I recently discovered shea mcgee design from orange county, california. I absolutely love her design style and the bright, airy, serene feel she brings into each space. 

check out some of her amazing before and after reveals, these are a few of my favorites

lets start with her own home before and is the kitchen

the living room

+ her baby girl's nursery


here is a clients living room transformation

+ another clients office

talk about inspiration! love everything she has done with these rooms
happy hump day kids

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

tuesday huesday >>>baby p

today I'm loving all things pink in particular.

pink is feminine, flirty and soft. loved in home and fashion-- pink never goes out of style.

check out my top pink picks. as always I tried to find most things that are on sale...however some things are not, but I was too in love that I had to share

Friday, April 4, 2014

diy friday

happy friday!!

hope you have some fun plans for the weekend, I think the weather here is supposed to be okay [it's been raining/snowing the past week or so:(] and by next week it will hit the 70's!! wahooooo!

for todays diy project I found this super cute and fairly easy upholstered window cornice by lacquer and linen blog.

the basic supplies you will need are:
wood for cornice base [home depot or lowes]
upholstery fabric
wood glue
staple gun

check out the full tutorial here

all images and tutorial by lacquer and linen

I love the final result! so simple, yet adds so much to a space. also it's so genius to hide a blackout roller with the cornice, because a blackout window in a nursery is a MUST. I had to go with blackout curtains, which are fine but then you have to just use what you find at the store unless you are super crafty and can sew your own with the blackout lining [which I am not..]
but I really want to try making one of these beautiful cornices in the future!! good job sarah!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

the aztec movement

I've been really loving the whole aztec print pattern movement that's been happening for awhile now. 
I call it a movement-- not a trend, because I don't believe that it is a trend in the home.

trends are fun & hip but always revolving. you can and should buy things that are trending but in small doses (and at small prices too probably ;)) but back to aztec-- the prints range from super bright and colorful, monochromatic or black and white, to large bold prints, small neutral prints with texture, to so much more.

I am really loving prints with pops of neon color and also prints paired with light-colored woods. check out some of this inspiration. what do you think? do you love or hate aztec print?

all images found via pinterest

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

huge dining sale

needing a new dining table, chairs, dinnerware, or pendant light?!
or maybe just wanting a few of those....?

wait no longer!

world market is having a massive sale on all dining table/chairs/accessories + all chandeliers/pendant lighting
up to 50% off

free shipping over $150 with code: WMFS1502
serious. get shopping on this amazing sale.

here are my dining table picks

dining chairs
pendant lighting
dining accessories

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

tuesday huesday

alright kids-- get ready to let go of anything feelings of gullibility (is that a word?) today.

stay off facebook, maybe even instagram and don't believe when your friends say their pregnant, broke their leg, met your famous idol, or anything else that seems like a stretch.

april fools has never really pulled a prank on me yet (knock on wood)
but I am excited to watch ellen today and see what kind of crazy pranks she'll be pulling all day haha.

anyway I'm starting a new series every tuesday---- tuesday huesday.
pretty clever right? ;)
I'll be posting anything and everything about the color I am crushing that week.

this week it is none other than.....our glorious gold.

I love gold. it's neutral, but adds a pop of metallic in any space. works for girls, boys, women and even men. can make a bold statement or a subtle accent. progressing in both fashion & home

here are my top gold picks