Thursday, April 10, 2014

finding your nursery rocker/glider

all of you preggo, glowing, soon-to-be-mamas-- this ones for you.

the most important thing your baby will need once it's sweet, innocent little spirit enters this world will be to eat
whether that be by the bottle or by you is for you to decide. but whatever you decide you will want a calm, quiet place to feed that little angel....and that calls for a glider/rocker in their nursery. 

here are my two cents-- I have loved being able to nurse my baby, I honestly feel like it has given us a special bond since the day he was born. not only do they say mama's milk is way better than formula- but it's more convenient than having to make a bottle at 2 am + it's always at perfect temperature + you don't have to pack bottles & formula wherever you go + your baby finds a special comfort in you.
not to say if your baby isn't nursed they won't bond with you or anything else-- I totally understand circumstances where people are physically unable to nurse and that's just life. but if you have the choice, I would say 100% do it. for you and your baby.
that being said-- I am so ready to stop nursing now that he is 11 months! just one more month haha

you need a comfortable seat to rock, feed, and snuggle that baby.
rockers can run up over $1,000--- so make sure you save up & budget for this large (but necesasry) purchase.

I have gathered a handful of gliders/rockers to please all price points-- take a look

one 899 // two 329.99 263.99 // three 799 // four 579.99 // five 169 // six 899 // seven 899 // eight 449.99

click on the images below to be taken straight to the source

*item 5 can be found here
*item 6 can be found here

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