Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween >>> spooky treats

happy halloween friends!!

I hope you have a fun, spooky evening whether you are taking your cute kiddos out trick-or-treating or staying home passing out candy, watching a scary movie, or going to a fun party. here are some creepy treat ideas to make for a party, snack on during your movie, or for your kids when they get home later tonight.


spider krispies

frankenstein pesto pizza

bloody hot chocolate

peanut butter pumpkins

brainy popcorn balls

strawberry ghosts

mummy dogs

happy last day of #31days with the nester



Wednesday, October 30, 2013

holiday tableware >>> splurge vs. diy

I know Halloween is tomorrow so I'm jumping ahead a little bit....but I found these items I had to share, that would be perfect for your holiday table decor. Over at west elm I found these adorable items that I am totally in love with. They are not outrageously priced and most of them are actually on sale as well...but I have also found DIY tutorials teaching you how to do each of these on your own! hope you enjoy


plates 8.00/each [west elm]


DIY handwritten plates via ruffled blog


silverware 29.00 >>> *on sale! 23.00 [west elm]


DIY paint dipped silverware via a simple kind of life blog


coasters 19.00 >>> *on sale! 15.00 [west elm]


DIY wood coasters via happy serendipity blog


placemat 20.00 >>> *on sale! 16.00 [west elm]


DIY gold confetti placemats via a bubbly life blog


these would all be awesome, easy diy projects....but if you'd rather just grab them already made, I don't blame you...take advantage of this  f r e e  shipping code!


cori copy

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

freshen up your office >>> sale sale sale!

I've been thinking lately how lovely it would be to design a new office space, complete with new art work, colored books, pens/pencils, & furniture. Currently we just don't have enough space for me to have a real "office" but when that day comes, it sure will be a happy one! Here are some fabulous desks I found on sale from some of my favorite places of course


emmerson desk [west elm]

499 >>> 349.99


2x2 console desk [west elm]

349 >>> 199.99


flat bar storage desk [west elm]

499 >>> 399.99


black josephine desk [world market]

199.99 + 25% off ALL furniture with code: FURN25


campaign desk [world market]

229.99 + 25% off ALL furniture with code: FURN25


threshold basic desk [target]

109.99 >>> 93.49 - save 15%


>> good looking, organized office = happy, organized life <<



Monday, October 28, 2013

pumpkin traditions >>> diy

pumpkin traditions

we all love the crisp, fall day when we can bring our kids over to the pumpkin patch and let them pick out their favorite pumpkin.

we bring them home, dig out all the guts & carve a spooky face. most of the time we end up carving the pumpkin for our kids- or at least finish carving for them because they lost interest half way through...right?! carving pumpkins can be a lot of fun, but turns into a giant mess--- painting your pumpkin can be a great way to get the kids involved and not have such a big, slimy mess to clean up after. plus your pumpkins can hopefully last until thanksgiving when being painted!

here are a few fun ideas how to paint/glitter your pumpkin



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Friday, October 25, 2013

inspirational friday >>> happy weekend!


cheers to another friday!

have a wonderful weekend, whatever your plans may be-- and remember to be happy & enjoy it.



Thursday, October 24, 2013

not your average headboard >>> be unique

what a fun and unique way to mix things up in your home with a not-so-average bedroom headboard! a headboard can possibly be the most important decor element in your bedroom-- you don't have to go with the usual wood or even tufted headboard, explore these fun ideas with me!

which one is your favorite?

 headboards copy

1// over-sized art piece. easy peasy [image via google]

2// mantel headboard. [via a fanciful twist]

3// chalkboard headboard. fun way to write messages/reminders that you surely can't miss seeing! [via desire to inspire]

4// reading material: book headboard. [via curbly]

5// painted headboad. what an awesome, easy idea [image via google]

6// old vintage doors. you can even paint/sand to get that rustic feel [image via google]

7// bright rainbow headboard. cute & paint plywood for a fun pop of color [image via google]

8// duct tape headboard. [image via google]


PLUS +++

don't miss out on the  g i v e a w a y  I am doing on my Instagram page!!! one lucky winner will be announced!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

getting back into shape >>> 13.1

I have always been envious of long distance runners.

growing up, from about the age of 8-15 I played competitive soccer. I didn't realize until I stopped playing soccer and focused more on volleyball how much- even then- my endurance had wilted. Since soccer is a game and not technically "straight running", I never really thought about how much I ran for practice and games. I haven't played any sports competitively since high school and it is quite pathetic how much my endurance has deteriorated.

we must live in one of the most active neighborhoods...ever. I see multiple people a day out running with their dogs, their jogging stroller, or their husbands. We also see tons of bikers everywhere(which I would love to take up one day....).

I had my baby boy in May of this year- about 5 1/2 months ago and have had him as my "excuse" to not get out and running.

March 1, 2014 my husband and I are running in the Phoenix half marathon.

oh boy. What have we done?!

since the marathon is 20 weeks away....we are able to do a training schedule, in case any of you have been thinking of doing a half-marathon, or if you are totally crazy & want to to a full marathon...I think you should go ahead and do it! We started this week(Monday) and I am sore. Big surprise.

we use this schedule but changed up the days a little to better fit our schedule- we run, monday/wednesday/friday/saturday



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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

easy DIY kids costumes

With Halloween just 9 days away, I figure some of you may be like me and are still trying to decide what your little peanut's costume should be... I even thought I might "sew" him a costume months ago when thinking about Halloween. Yeah right haha. Here are a few DIY easy costume ideas for your little ones.....Nixon may or may not be one of these.... ;)

Homemade costumes are usually even better than store bought- it's finding time to make them- all of these should been fairly easy & no sew!


lambs // bum baby // where's waldo // snuggly lion // superhero // gnome


Monday, October 21, 2013

dream bath >>> welcome to relaxation

I was day dreaming yesterday while on a walk with my husband and baby[which was a beautiful fall walk by the way]. We were talking about one day, down the road, but hopefully in our future building our dream home and filling it with beautiful things. As I was thinking about the rooms, kitchen, living room & the type of furniture that would be in it- I stopped on the bath and decided I want a master bath that is sensual and a place to go to relax! Not just to run in to shower, do my hair, use the toilet, run out- but a little safe haven, a place to relax in the bath and get rejuvenated. A beautiful space to be in.


The images above are pretty similar because when I think of my dream master bath- this is what I imagine. Lots of white, pretty tile, mirrors, fresh flowers, open space. Amazing. I haven't taken an actual "bath" in awhile...I'm kind of a freak about them- I can only relax if the tub is 100% squeaky clean, and I have a bath salt/bubbles [candles are a nice touch too! ;)]. I think I would take a bath every morning and night in any one of these tubs!

What does your dream bath look like?



Friday, October 18, 2013

words for the weekend >>> + rug sale!


words for the weekend


always remember that. whatever is in your past is in your past-- don't spend too much precious time thinking about what was left there, focus on your amazing future!


+ I found this amazing rug deal on joss & main!

ALL rugs are under $300 [2x3 up to 5x8 sizing]

here are a few of my fav picks


happy weekend babes!




Thursday, October 17, 2013

skull decor for your home >>> #skullz

Today I'm talking fun ideas on how to tastefully decorate with the ever-so-lovely skull.

Some of us may hate the skull, but others already love the skull- might even do a tiny bit of decorating without halloween...? that could be creepy unless it's a metallic black, silver, white, or gold totally fake skull.

Here are some fun, tasteful ways to incorporate the skull into your halloween decor [and of course over here we are a little partial to gold  #31days]


all images via pinterest/google

now get decorating! ps--- if you are needing to find some awesome skull pieces> z gallerie has an awesome selection!




Wednesday, October 16, 2013

baking everything pumpkin...

I don't know if some of you out there are sick of all the "pumpkin this, pumpkin that" posts, so if that is can kindly leave for this post today... ;)

Last night at around 9:40 pm I was laying in bed reading a book ["what alice forgot"- pretty good so far] and I started craving pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, then I took a glance over and facebook and saw someone who had just baked 5 pumpkin choc chip bread loaves earlier in the, my tummy started growling & it took all my self constraint to not get up right then and start baking. But today is a new day...and today I will bake.

I found some delicious pumpkin recipes for anything you are craving pumpkin....enjoy

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies


recipe & image via hey natalie jean

pumpkin roll


recipe via yummyhealthyeasy

 pumpkin chocolate chip bread



recipe via cuisinenie [nienie dialogues]


pumpkin coffee cake


recipe via closetohome


pumpkin snickerdoodles


recipe & image via buttercream bakehouse


pumpkin spice hot chocolate


recipe & image via cookiesandcups


pumpkin cinnamon rolls


recipe & image via bashbulbao


happy baking!





Tuesday, October 15, 2013

home decor >> sale sale sale

Lets get back to some deals.

I hunted the internet this morning and found some killer deals on home decor, hope you enjoy!


alyson fox drum pendant [west elm]

179.99 >>> 79.99   [$100 off!!]


ikat diamond placemats [west elm]

14.00 >>> 3.99     *free shipping


mason task lamp [world market]

39.99 >>> 29.99


green dupioni grommet curtain [world market]

24.99-29.99 >>> 12.49-14.99


glossy resin deer head [z galllerie]

69.99 >>> 59.99


hayden armless chair [target]

189.99 >>> 94.98  [save $95.01!]


windham coffee table [target]

149.99 >>> 74.98  [you save 50%!]


happy shopping!