Monday, October 21, 2013

dream bath >>> welcome to relaxation

I was day dreaming yesterday while on a walk with my husband and baby[which was a beautiful fall walk by the way]. We were talking about one day, down the road, but hopefully in our future building our dream home and filling it with beautiful things. As I was thinking about the rooms, kitchen, living room & the type of furniture that would be in it- I stopped on the bath and decided I want a master bath that is sensual and a place to go to relax! Not just to run in to shower, do my hair, use the toilet, run out- but a little safe haven, a place to relax in the bath and get rejuvenated. A beautiful space to be in.


The images above are pretty similar because when I think of my dream master bath- this is what I imagine. Lots of white, pretty tile, mirrors, fresh flowers, open space. Amazing. I haven't taken an actual "bath" in awhile...I'm kind of a freak about them- I can only relax if the tub is 100% squeaky clean, and I have a bath salt/bubbles [candles are a nice touch too! ;)]. I think I would take a bath every morning and night in any one of these tubs!

What does your dream bath look like?



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