Wednesday, April 9, 2014

before and after >>>shea mcgee designs

nothing makes me say "ooohhhh + ahhhhh" more than to see the work of a design come together. sometimes the before images don't really seem that bad, but compared to the after---- there is just no comparison!

I love to look at other designer's work and see how they in-vision a room from the very beginning. I recently discovered shea mcgee design from orange county, california. I absolutely love her design style and the bright, airy, serene feel she brings into each space. 

check out some of her amazing before and after reveals, these are a few of my favorites

lets start with her own home before and is the kitchen

the living room

+ her baby girl's nursery


here is a clients living room transformation

+ another clients office

talk about inspiration! love everything she has done with these rooms
happy hump day kids

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