Tuesday, April 1, 2014

tuesday huesday

alright kids-- get ready to let go of anything feelings of gullibility (is that a word?) today.

stay off facebook, maybe even instagram and don't believe when your friends say their pregnant, broke their leg, met your famous idol, or anything else that seems like a stretch.

april fools has never really pulled a prank on me yet (knock on wood)
but I am excited to watch ellen today and see what kind of crazy pranks she'll be pulling all day haha.

anyway I'm starting a new series every tuesday---- tuesday huesday.
pretty clever right? ;)
I'll be posting anything and everything about the color I am crushing that week.

this week it is none other than.....our glorious gold.

I love gold. it's neutral, but adds a pop of metallic in any space. works for girls, boys, women and even men. can make a bold statement or a subtle accent. progressing in both fashion & home

here are my top gold picks

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