Monday, March 31, 2014

nixon's nursery >>>the wall

happy monday friends! 

I have been anxiously awaiting decorating Nixon's nursery since before he was born, but until we moved about a month ago, our place was just too small. he had a "room" I guess, but it was also where I had my clothes, our filing cabinet, etc. so it really wasn't his room----- sadly. but hey he didn't know the difference and you gotta do what you gotta do, right?! :)

 I was so happy to move and get going on his room (since he was 10 months at this point!). it's not totally finished but I wanted to share with you my favorite part! 

these awesome wall decals I ordered from urban walls
they have TONS of shape + colors options to choose from and the decals are awesome quality-- check out the reviews if you don't believe me!

I went with the classic black triangle. + I absolutely love it!

my sister was asking me how I lined them up so "perfect" and the truth is...they aren't perfect!
I started with a few decals in a corner and measured the [horizontal] spacing between decals, which is about 11 inches.
then I eyeballed how far apart [vertically] I wanted them-- I want to say from one triangle to the next directly under it was about 20ish inches??
I knew I'd go crazy + have to spend 300 hours strategically placing each triangle for it to be "perfect" so I did a lot of eyeball placement and I think it turned out pretty great :)

I also follow UW on instagram, if you don't you should-- danielle is always posting inspiration/idea posts on how to use the decals + feedback photos from actual customers, which also give you ideas on how others are being creative with the decals.
 the decals are so easy to peel + place and really are the perfect solution for renters. but also if you own your home they are great too, for a less permanent wall treatment. 

you can also follow UW on twitter, pinterest, and facebook for more inspiration

I'll post more of his nursery later!! (hopefully it will be done by then)