Friday, March 21, 2014

nightstand makeover for your weekend

sorry about my absence yesterday...Nix has been teething like crazy the past few days. we had a doctors appt. tuesday and he informed me that he was getting  F O U R  top teeth in right now. he has about half of one of the front ones and just the two little bottom ones so far haha. so needless to say, he has been a whiny, hold-me-all-day, crying baby the past week. I had been losing my patience and feeling like I couldn't do anything 100%-- work or be a mom, so yesterday I took the day off to 100% be a mommy and comfort my baby and yesterday was a good day.

today I wanted to share this awesome and easy ikea nigtstand makeover.
Joy uses the ikea hemnes nightstand that runs at $69.99
[she already had these stands and wanted to update them]
in case you currently don't have nightstands or one that will work-- the tarva nightstand runs at only $39.99 and would work just as well for the makeover.

before they are just eh, okay.

 hemnes on left // tarva on right

and after they are so amazing and different. so mid century and I love them! she stained the pull out drawer and got a new knob from anthropologie that really just completes the look.

check out Joy's tutorial here

and have a fabulous weekend babes!! I am so excited to be attending rail girls SLC tonight & tomorrow! check back monday to see how it went. xoxo


  1. Such a sweet time with your babies. Very bittersweet for me now that I have teenagers! You will remember those sleepless nights when you comforted them while it was coming in when you pull it for the tooth fairy to come! They will also roll their eyes at you when you talk about those nights of teething! Ha!

  2. Oh thank you for your sweet comment :) I know, I keep trying to tell myself one day I will miss this [as painful as it may be getting up multiple times a night] I'm trying to soak up all the baby cuddles I can get before he's no longer a baby! xoxo