Thursday, October 3, 2013

accessorizing your living space >>> keeping it fresh

Accessorizing your living room or living space. This is where people will be invited to sit down & visit; where you gather the majority of the time. We all want this space to be welcoming, a place of comfort, as well as being pleasing and inviting to the eye. Here are a few tips I have written to keep in mind when accessorizing your living room.

1.  Stick to pieces you LOVE only. Don't go out and buy stuff just to buy stuff-- if you are trying to furnish a new home and are looking for items to fit your home, make sure you really love the items you are buying. If it is just okay-- don't buy it.

2. Buy from different stores & sources. Some people[myself included sometimes] feel rushed or anxious to get everything together and want it all done now; they go out an buy everything at whatever one store they are at. It's okay especially if you are just moving in and starting to decorate to look a bit minimal-- take time to look around at different stores. Go to your local main stream stores- but also check the unique boutique or second hand stores.

3. You don't have to buy things in a "set". I know you can buy items that are all bundled in one- which can be fine, but your room decor doesn't all have to "match". When I say that- I mean you don't need to be matchy-matchy, I-bought-everything-you-see-here-in-a-set-from-target. I believe that finding pieces you love and mixing them together is what helps portray YOU and your style in your home.

4. Mix and match style/patterns/textures. Plain and simple- find items that are a bit unique and look for other textures, metals, etc. that will blend together beautifully.

5. Keep it simplistic. Don't add & add....& add......& add. The more you add, the more clutter-y it will feel. You don't have to add every piece you love, if you love a lot of items and also love keeping your room fresh- think about buying items and circulating through them [keep some out, put some away and in a few months change it all up, add some new, take some out]

keeping with my gold theme for #31days-- here are some of my favorite golden pieces I would love to add into my living room

goldLR copy

happy thursday!


cori copy


  1. Thanks for this post! I just bought a much larger house than the one I currently live in, and all of the options can be very overwhelming. These ideas are really helpful to me, since I'm the person that rushes to furnish every room, then wishes I had done it all differently.

  2. Shannon, I am so happy to hear this helps you!! I know exactly how you feel...I sometimes find myself feeling that exact same way! No rush to get it "all together", it's okay to be picky!