Tuesday, October 8, 2013

keeping it kid friendly on decor

I know most of us have a kid/kids/or someday will have kids. It can be hard to decorate how you would like to with kids breaking or messing things up. We love them, but sometimes we just want things to look good and not be messed with! But truthfully, that doesn't really happen-- kids will touch, grab, suck on, chew, tip over, climb on whatever they can reach.

Here are 5 awesome kid friendly decor ideas for your home! beautiful and functional for kiddos :)


1. Chalkboard wall. Grab some chalkboard paint/spray and go to work in the kids play room. Painting a large area gives your children lots of space to color and create; making a "mess" where it is okay to!

2. Kids gold wall dot decals. Peel and stick: Just like it sounds. Peel it off the backing and stick it up on your wall & can be removed without damaging walls. Great idea for needing to cover up "problem" spots on their bedroom wall(s) where there may be colored spots, small holes, etc. Find these lottie dots decals here at land of nod.

3. Display artwork without having to clutter up your fridge. This is a fun, organized way to display your kids' art. Here I found Real Life Notes blog where she explains how to do this- it's an Ikea hack! Easy!

4. Practical Pouf. You can find these stylish and functional seating poufs that really are perfect for your little kiddos. Buy the faux leather so clean up on these babies are a breeze! Here I found a shop on etsy where she actually hand-stiches these beautiful things and ships from Morocco!

5. Glamming up the usual fridge letters. What a fabulous + easy idea! Spray paint these cute little letters to give them a more "glam" feel. Here is a DIY tutorial on how to make these- pretty self explanatory ;). However you may want to look into finding kid-safe spray paint, we all know the first place these letters are going are in our babies mouths.

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