Sunday, October 6, 2013

uplifting weekend

well I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was out all day until pretty late in the day and by then I just forgot to post. I was out all day because we.....bought a new car! woot woot!

both my husband and my cars are kinda beaters >> he had a '98 honda civic and I drive a '99 vw jetta. for a long time now we have both known the day would come when we would need a actually two new cars. we decided to just let them do their thing-- until basically it didn't make sense to keep them; which is what happened earlier last week. my husband's transmission went out. [repairing the transmission would cost more than it was worth] we bought a 2011 hyundai sonata and we are absolutely love it[so far ;)]

honestly yesterday and today really are linked in terms of what my message is. I spent parts of yesterday and both sessions today listening/watching the 183rd semi-annual general conference for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. If you missed any sessions or maybe you have never heard of it and are interested; here is the link to all the sessions from this weekend >>> oct 2013 lds general conference

I loved hearing all the messages/experiences/stories that were shared and feel spiritually strengthened. every time I hear messages from conference I feel so much comfort, joy, and peace, I love this church and feel blessed to call myself a part of it.



hope you are having a happy weekend babes




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