Tuesday, November 5, 2013

easy peasy ikea hacks >>> 8 diy ideas

oh ikea. such a love/hate relationship.

I love so many of their items & of course the price-- but absolutely hate winding through the store, forced to look at so much stuff....spending hours longer than what I was planning and usually buying more too. It's also a little overwhelming if you aren't quite sure what you're looking for. 

BUT needless to say, I still shop there and their products make for awesome furniture upgrades. here are a few of my favorite ikea hacks that I recently found


1// dresser via amandacarolinteriors   2// planter via jadeandfern


3// coffee table via triplemaxtons   4// corkboard via sewmuchsunshine


5// dresser via whydontyoumakeme   6// side table via stylemepretty


7// entry table via thesweetbeast   8// shelving via remodelista



  1. Discovered a very nice variable height table last week on the web, i'm still trying to find it in a showroom however
    in order to check it fully out.