Monday, November 25, 2013

quite possibly the sexiest chair on earth >>> barcelona chair

happy monday friends! today we are pleased to hear from the ever-so talented Leo who will be guest posting on furniture steals. today he tells us all about the beautiful, sexy barcelona chair designed by the one and only mies van der rohe. hope you enjoy!
The Beautiful Barcelona Chair by Mies Van Der Rohe
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The 20th century was responsible for giving rise for some of the most iconic and celebrated designers and Mies Van Der Rohe was definitely one such designer. He is best known for his fantastically designed and wonderfully stylish Barcelona Chair pictured above which he originally released in 1929 as his entry for the International Exposition being held in Barcelona.
It was immediately clear that this bold, beautiful and striking piece of designer furniture was destined for great things but even Van Der Rohe himself surely couldn't have envisaged that it would be so popular still almost a century since it was first released. It's not until you see it in situation though that you can really understand why the Barcelona Chair is such a popular piece:
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A wonderfully luxurious piece of designer furniture and one that finds itself firmly in the lookbooks of the world's best interior designers. Ideally suited to modern, contemporary, minimalist style homes, the Barcelona Chair immediately brings any room to life with its understated, yet supremely stylish, presence. 
The chair makes up a component of the wider Barcelona Collection from Mies Van Der Rohe which including equally as beautiful sofas, daybeds and footrests. Despite approaching its 100th birthday, the Barcelona Chair rightly takes its place as one of the 20th century's most iconic pieces of furniture and amongst the most sought after still in the 21st century.
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