Friday, December 13, 2013

12 days of giveaways: day 1 >>>#feelgoodfriday

woohoo I am SO excited to kickoff my 12 days of christmas giveaways!! I have a really fun, awesome collection of new items every day your home + family will enjoy.

>>> how to enter <<<
1. follow @furnituresteals on facebook & instagram & pinterest
2. share this image via your page
3. comment on the original post [here, on fb, or IG] and tag any friends you want 
[[each tag in separate comment please]]

good luck!! winner of day 1 will be announced tomorrow morning!

I found this quote for #feelgoodfriday
image via lifestylefiles

no matter what you do in life- every single person in the whole world is not going to applaud you. there will still be people who disagree/dislike/talk bad about what you do-- whether that be your job, you interests, your ideas, etc. don't let that get you down-- do what makes you happy and do your best. don't let all those people bring you down. focus on being your best self, pouring your heart into whatever you do and you will succeed.
you do you.

enjoy your weekend babes!

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