Wednesday, January 8, 2014

how to go bold with a colored sofa

I can almost guarantee that 97% of us, when purchasing a sofa are looking for black, brown, tan, gray or maybe (if you don't have kids) white. neutral. and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that; it sure makes us feel comfortable to have a neutral, timeless piece of furniture to build around. 

but what about a blue, green, pink, or yellow sofa?? 
you might say no way jose at first-- but take a look at these beautiful images of living spaces that have personality, fun, and class all wrapped up in one- starting from a colored sofa.

images via pinterest

each image showcases a brightly colored sofa & neutral white rug, with continuous pops of color throughout the room- keeping a warm and happy feeling in the entire space.

images via pinterest

these images keep it classy with a colorful sofa, patterned pillows, minimal accessories, classic lighting, and white walls to keep everything contained

images via pinterest

go bold or go home somewhere else. bold and colorful artwork, texture in floor/walls + interesting accessories. overall, a very bold, standout look.

with inspiration like this, don't be nervous to be bold--- snag that colored sofa you've had your eye on and show some personality in your home.

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