Friday, January 10, 2014

white chicken chili delishisness + FGF

happy friday babes!
today I decided to share with you a yummy recipe I made yesterday, that turned out better than imagined!!
I start to feel bad for my husband when I make the same 4 meals every week(spaghetti, tacos, etc. whatever is quick and easy) and with all the snow the past few days I decided to make a warm, chili soup.

I have to admit- I looked up a recipe online, where I wrote down the ingredients I needed to buy at the store. when I tried to go back to the page to see the directions and the rest of the ingredients, it was  
n o  w h e r e  to be found. 

so, I pulled out the "inner chef" and to my surprise my husband RAVED about it and I thought it was pretty delish too.

(I doubled this recipe so we could have lots of leftovers)

- 1 can of chicken breast (or you can cook 1-2 chicken breasts on stove)
- 2 cans on northern beans
-1 can of black beans
-1/2-1 cup of corn (depending on how much you like corn)
- 1 packet of taco seasoning
- 1 can of green chili's (4 oz.)
- 1 can cream of chicken soup
- 2 cups of chicken broth

- 1 cup sour cream
-shredded cheese

add all ingredients except sour cream and cheese into the crockpot. stir & cook on high for 3-4 hours or low for 5-6. the last half hour before serving, add sour cream and add shredded cheese as a topping when serving. 
hope you enjoy!!


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