Wednesday, February 12, 2014

deceiving room decor

when we hear the word deceiving we usually think = bad.
but in this case, i am using deceiving in a good way--- how to make your home look glamorous, extravagant + expensive
and doing it all from items you bought at............. a yard sale.

yes, I'm serious.

this post + images are from view along the way blog [click to check out entire post]
I just had to share her knowledge and beautiful design style, here is what she has to say about what to look for at yards sales--

1. books // chunky, vintage, cute covers

2. goblets, bowls, vases, holders-of-things // milk glass, solid ceramics, or glass vases in pretty shapes

3. picture frames // spray paint is your best friend, find the right size/shape

4. plates // plate display?

5. decorative knick-knacks // 'nough said

6. furniture // repaint & reupholster if needed

7. mirrors // there is no limit to the number of mirrors you can hoard


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