Friday, February 21, 2014

feel good friday

It's been a crazy week around here-- baby has had the flu [probably the saddest thing ever] :( so not much sleep or sanity for either of us.
I am excited for the weekend, time to spend with the hubs and get out and do something now that baby is finally feeling better. plus the weather if supposed to be nice finally.

I found this quote just puroozing --wait, is that a word? if not I think it def should be. 
 I was just puroozing [aka browsing] pinterest, saw this and it really stuck with me.

sometimes I feel a little self-conscious and inexperienced when it comes to my design ideas and advice. like somehow what I write about people don't see as good design taste.
that's what makes design so unique and fun. that not everyone has the same style, not everyone loves the same decor, colors, patterns, furniture, etc. 
and you shouldn't feel like you have  to like something just because you saw some "big name designer" who does, or your neighbor, or whoever!
I try really hard to find and post things I myself would enjoy reading and items I would buy. and things I don't love, I don't post about.
thanks for following along and being a part of this journey with me, and don't feel stupid if you have different taste than others!

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