Friday, March 7, 2014

diy hexagon pendant + #feelgoodfriday

happy friday to you babes!
hope you're all as excited for the weekend as I am :)
we moved across town last weekend so this week has been totally crazy trying to get everything settled...not even mentioning all the boxes that still have not been unpacked. 

+ I was pulled in by a scammer this morning---luckily I'm not a total idiot haha.
but just so you are all aware out there: don't ever send money to anyone no matter the situation if it seems the least bit fishy. 
basically this guy told me her wanted to purchase what I was selling online. he wanted to purchase it through paypal- thought I'd be nice and say okay; I sent an invoice and he told me it was "paid" + extra 200 for his "movers". couldn't find his email anywhere-- finally it was in "spam" [because it is spam] he wanted me to pay his movers because they wouldn't accept paypal, so I just needed to send $200 to them and then it will go through....??
wow- c'mon. I'm not that dumb.

anywayssss enough about the crazy people out there trying to take advantage of everyone.
back to the good stuff-- I found this a m a z i n g diy hexagonal pendant from view along the way blog and I need to make this!

these are the supplies she says are needed for the pendant-- she had quite a bit on hang so I imagine if you bought everything the cost would be somewhere around $50?? It seems a bit ambitious, but the end result it seriously awesome-- this pendant would be perfect for the kitchen or dining room!

Dodecahedron Light
  • 8-foot piece of poplar: Had on hand (normal cost is about $7)
  • Stain and poly: Had on hand
  • Small piece of acrylic to hang it: $5-10
  • Pendant hardware: Hacked a pendant we bought at a yard sale for $3
  • Total: ~$10 (!!)

 images from viewalongthewayblog

 people wonder why they are so unhappy--- maybe it's because the decisions you're making everyday are poor ones. try making choices each day that can help others or are selfless choices. I have found that when you start thinking less about yourself and what you "need" and start thinking of others and doing things for them, happiness is brought back to you.

see you monday friends :)

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  1. I just found your blog and was happy to see you love these hexagonal wood pendants, too! I just saw a lighter one in a grandinroad catalog for $99. I'm in love!