Tuesday, May 6, 2014

3 cheap + easy ideas for making a room look larger

few things are worse than walking into your house/apartment/condo/etc. + feeling like it's full of clutter and that you are trapped in the space. your home should being your sanctuary, a place to relax + take a break from the outside world
when your home feels cluttered, regardless of space, sometimes it's more about your own emotional issues with the space itself.
here are three simple tips that can help open up and give back that breath of fresh air that it (or you) so desperately need

1. use light colors, specifically on the walls
white. you honestly can never go wrong with a crisp, clean, heavenly white. from bedroom, bath, to kitchen or dining--- white is classic, airy and always brightens up a space.

2. window treatments to trick your eye
as you can see in the image, the windows don't actually take up the entire wall behind the bed-- but the treatments do line the entire wall + in a neutral light color. that tricks the eye into imagining a much larger window + maximizes the space.

3. shake it up
add a new lamp and a few accessories, and remove that old bookshelf or chair. you can even do some in-home shopping for this part--- move the plant in your kitchen to your bedroom + some artwork from your living room to the entryway. update the outdated.

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