Thursday, May 1, 2014

did you know >>>vinegar + the home

the other day I was at a friends house and she was starting her dishwasher-- she loaded it up, put in the soap and then grabbed a gallon of vinegar + shook it inside the dishwasher a few times, then started it. she looked and me and laughed-- then said my dishwasher started to stink (which everyone's start to do!) so I started putting it in with each wash and not only does it not smell...but my dishes are sparkling!! 

so maybe if my grandma read this post she'd start laughing + say "duh" to everything...but these days there are SO many cleaning supplies, deodorizers, shiners, smell reducers, etc. that we forget about the plain and simple solutions.
and one of these amazing simple products with many solutions around the home is

>>>> did you know? <<<<

clean you window blinds
give them "the white glove treatment"-- put on a white cotton glove (like the kind sold for gardening) + moisten the finger tips in a solution of equal parts vinegar + hot tap water. then slide your fingers across each slat and prepare to be amazed. use a container of clean water to periodically wash off the glove

deodorize + unclog drains
the combo of vinegar + baking soda is one of the most effective ways to unclog and deodorize drains. it is far more gentle on your pipes (+ wallet!) that other drainers like draino, etc.
to clear a clogged drain use a funnel and pour 1/2 cup of baking soda followed by 1 cup of vinegar. when it stops foaming flush with hot water. wait 5 minuted then flush with cold water. not only will this clear the blockage but it also washes away all the odor-causing bacteria

get rid of smoke odor
if you recently burned dinner-- or maybe you chain-smoking friend decided to pay you a surprise visit, remove the lingering smell by placing a shallow bowl about 3/4 full of white or cider vinegar in the room where the scent is (or if it seeped through the entire house, use a few bowls placed around) + the odor should be gone in less than a day

other ways vinegar can be used include: 
shine your silver, clean chrome & stainless steel, erase ball point pen marks, unglue stickers/decals/price tags, get the salt(from winter) off your shoes, clean piano keys, brighten up brickwork, restore your rugs, remove carpet stains/candle wax, revitalize leather, keep car windows frost-free, fight mold + mildew.....and so much more!
*all info found online via google

happy thursday, only one more day until the weekend! :)

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