Friday, May 9, 2014

diy friday >>>sharpie wallpaper

okay, I don't know how I hadn't seen this sharpie wall by vintage revivals until the other is seriously genius!!! everything she does is pretty much genius, but this is one of my top 5 favorite diy's. it takes a little time, patience, + ability to draw straight lines--- but nonetheless the result is AMAZE. I love that the lines are thin + most of the wall remains white. my perfect statement wall.

check out the full tutorial from mandi here

here is a progress picture

happy friday babes!
this is a big weekend for us....our baby's first birthday!! (tear :/) I can't believe it! see you back monday


  1. Love Mandi! Have you seen her new one!?! It's darling too!

  2. Brooke, I just saw her new post and it's so amazing!! Love it the unperfect look, thanks for the heads up! :)