Monday, May 19, 2014

floor style on a budget: where to score rugs

rugs are an important piece in completely a space.
a rug will ground your space, can soften the look + really pull the look/style together.

a few years ago when I did an interior design internship + my jaw about hit the floor when I heard how much a client was paying for one rug for their living room floor. thousandsssss of dollars for one beautiful-- but still-- one rug.

I have eight sources listed where you can always score a great deal on a cheap + well made rug. plus keep an eye out for a sale to save even more!

1. target. #targetdoesitagain we can always count on good ol' target to have what we want + need for a pretty reasonable price. they have a pretty great selection in-store and like a million more online. they do sell from a range of styles + quality--- so beware, some items may not be too great of quality.

2. ikea. don't we all love/hate ikea? I am always a bit confused because they have quite the reputation for being "cheap" in both their pricing + sometimes quality, but I do have to say I have bought a few rugs from them and I have been really pleased with both pricing and quality. check them out online to make sure you can find what you want before heading over to the store...because if you don't know what you want before you get there you will be overwhelmed by the millions of items in the store!

3. homegoods. the only downside here is that you never know what you are going to find. you just have to check in regularly and the day you find that gem of a rug will be the best day of your life. worth the gamble of going to the store and most times finding nothing because the day you find something is amazing!

4. west elm. beautiful, modern but a little more pricey for the average person. however west elm pretty much always has a sale going on for something and items are always lingering around in their clearance section as well. plus, through today only they are still running their 15% off clearance section-- click the link to be headed right over!

5. urban outfitters. most of us just think of their clothing, but they really do have an awesome "apt/home" section. they have a lot of fun printed rugs + colors for fairly cheap.

6. world market. love this store! prices are pretty low for rugs although they don't have a huge selection of larger area rugs. they also have a great selection of outdoor rugs.

7. rugs usa. the largest variety of styles, prices, + runs a lot of awesome promotions-- rugs can be found up to 80% off! if you need a specific color/style, etc. check rugs usa!

8. land of nod. definitely the most pricey on this list, but incredible quality + satisfaction. yes this is a "children's store" but a lot of their prints/patterns aren't screaming "children only" and most likely you can always find some awesome stuff in their sale section.

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