Monday, June 16, 2014

5 ways to add mid century modern style in your home

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style is a continuous cycle.
in college one of my design professors told me this + it could not be more true. whether it be in fashion, architectural design, textiles, furniture, etc. the ideas from past centuries are recycled + modernized to the present time.

welcome to 2014-- a year that is diving right back into the 1950's style of  mid century design
+ I couldn't be more happy about it.

here are 5 easy ways to add that touch of mid century into your home, without totally going back in time.

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1. modernize your kitchen. the mid century movement was propelled by homeowners wanting to feel modern + futuristic. kitchens were meant to be the wave of the future. to replicate this look, replace curved, ornate kitchen cabinets with plain, flat wood. add sleek stainless steel or marble to countertop surfaces. for something more simple-- think about replacing your cabinet hardware to sleek bar pulls. keep the lines in your kitchen clean, simple and uncluttered. 

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2. bring back wood. teak, walnut, oak + rosewood. real wood used in the 50's--- bring 'em back. many retailers are catching on to this hot design style + are offering items that are affordable + made from real wood.

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3. mirror mirror. one of my favorite mirror designs ever-- yet again, comes from this era of time. the sunburst mirror! there are so many versions + replicas(even diy) of this beauty that we all should have one in our home.

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4. thrifting furniture. get your flea on! this is probably the funnest + best way to find furniture you want for the price you want as well. then you can stain/paint to achieve an updated look! not all of us can just buy whatever our heart desires from any retail store(unfortunately). just remember what you are looking for: clean lines, mid-century legs(pegs usually) + bold graphic fabrics.

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5. one bold wall. while most walls benefit from clean white lines, a touch of glamour in a dining room can be added by simply dressing up one wall with bold, glitzy wallpaper in a graphic pattern. if you don’t like the idea of permanent wall paper, there are some options out there for temporary, easy peel off wallpapers.

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