Thursday, June 12, 2014

make a statement with your floor

this morning I came across this image + couldn't help but ooohhh + aahhhh over this floor!
of course I've seen herringbone before, but today it struck me that one day when we have our own home...this flooring is a must. I love wood floor + marble tiling for the bathroom + kitchen, even dining + entry areas!
personally I find herringbone pretty timeless, yes it's a bit more in your face than the standard horizontal flooring-- but I absolutely love it!

here is some inspiration for you

and look-- all you need to do is: cut your marble or wood into a brick pattern. you can use any size you'd like-- thin + long, wide + shorter, whatever you want. the herringbone look is an inexpensive way to create a high impact pattern.

herringbone + chevron are pretty similar, you may be asking yourself what is the difference? here ya go--
*all images via pinterest

what do you think? do you love it or hate it...would you ever put herringbone flooring in your home?

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