Thursday, June 26, 2014

painting upholstery: worth it?

happy thursday friends!
come tomorrow morning(at 5:30am) I will be running my buns off for the next 48 hours almost. yeeehaw (still not sure how I feel about this) so forgive me for not posting here tomorrow morning

I'm not gonna lie I've had a lot going on this morning + to top it off my little guy has a bad diaper rash, so I let him run around nakey....4 minutes later, he pooped on our dining room rug. and stepped in it--- smearing all over. freaking awesome #momfail
gahhhh!!! today can only go up from here right??!

but enough about crazy life. today I saw this awesome post by a beautiful mess blog about painting upholstered furniture + the pro's and con's. I've thought about doing this myself, so I loved being able to read what she has to say from experience

I love how honest she is about the whole process + I think it would be really fun + perfect to do to a stained accent chair you may have found for 10 bucks at the DI.
love this bold green color too!

to read entire post + tutorial click here

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