Wednesday, July 9, 2014

diy simple cacti planter

I've been really wanting to add some more plants/greenery into our place for awhile now, but have felt a little overwhelmed. whether it be the upkeep or just not really knowing what kind of plants to get and how to make them look good.
but today is the day I start by making my own cacti planter! thanks to a beautiful mess blog who has shown me how easy it is!
very little upkeep (water like once or twice a month only) + such a cute, fun look for any kitchen counter, back porch, bedroom or window box.
+ all you need is about 20 minutes (perfect while baby is napping!)

seriously so cute huh?!

supplies needed:
wide, shallow vase
cactus plants you love (+succulents/aloe if you'd like)
handheld shovel

all images via a beautiful mess blog
check out the full tutorial from a beautiful mess blog here

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