Friday, August 15, 2014

friday diy: floor pillow pouf

welcome to friday babes!!
hope you all had a good week, today for my diy project I found something super awesome and it promises to take only about an hour to complete (or maybe a tad longer if you are an amateur sewer-- like me)

before I dive into that I wanted to share with you this seriously awesome post from coffee + crumbs blog I saw late last night. she talks about motherhood + advice-- perfectly describing real-life situations + emotions all of us mom's have.
I laughed + cried through this and feel like I should share it to whoever is a mom or one day hopes to be one.

here it is, it's entitled-- a letter to my pre-mom self

now on to the diy---
floor poufs are all the rage right now. seriously, everywhere. they are really a perfect addition to the living room, kids bedrooms + more because they not only are a fun decoration but also have a function-- they are a seat. so when your kids read books in their room they have somewhere to sit or when you have lots of company over, people can take the floor and still sit comfortably.

I found this awesome tutorial by danielle over at 2 little superheroes blog.

I really love this idea because you can totally customize it to your home and style. all you need is 2 yards of fabric so make it classic and neutral, or go bold and fun for your kids room.
I know she didn't include this in her tutorial-- but you can also add a lot to this simple box shape. you could sew tassels on each corner or little pom poms on the side, really let your imagination wonder

here are the supplies you will need for danielle's tutorial:
-2 yards of fabric
-sewing machine
-cutting shears
-needle + thread
-measuring tape

click HERE to read to full tutorial

now take an hour this weekend + sew away!! 
see you back monday babes, xo

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