Friday, September 5, 2014

friday diy: ikea stool makeover

happpppppy friday!

for friday diy i found this super cute idea from audrey from this little street blog. she had the brilliant idea of personalizing these ikea stools by adding paint + wallpaper

aren't they just adorable!! you could use these for just a stepping stool in their bedroom or bathroom, or you could also use as a bedside table, just add a little lamp on top!

here is a list of supplies needed:

1. stool. [IKEA Bekvam stool – $14.99]
2. wallpaper
3. paint
4. transfer paper
5. crayon
6. scissors
7. glue [as needed]
8. varnish if you want to protect it better

check out the full tutorial HERE

so so cute. what do you think---
will you be making one of these this weekend?

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