Friday, October 17, 2014

friday diy: 10 minute watercolor art

happy friday!!!!!!!!!!

for some time now i have been wanting to find/make some type of art that could hang by our dining's just a blank wall that needs something, but i really didn't want to overpower the space with too much. when i saw this simple, beautiful watercolor from sugar and cloth i knew i had found what i was looking for.

the best part is she made this in 10 minutes!! seriously? so easy. i love what it gives to the space but doesn't scream for attention. what do you think?

here are the materials you will need:
foam brushes
3 plastic cups
3 colors of craft paint (in similar color family--she used martha stewart mint + greens)
large piece of print making or linen paper

**all images + tutorial via sugar and cloth blog

click HERE to check out the full tutorial from ashley

love, love, love this! when i get around to making mine i will post for you!
happy weekend, xo

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