Friday, October 24, 2014

friday diy: $5 ikat sheet curtains

happy friday babes!

today i found this awesome curtain diy from one of my favorite blogs i follow--- classy clutter!

if you have some plain white curtains lying around then you are set to go--- if not, don't go spend $30 buying white ones, buy a twin sheet from walmart + make 2 curtain panels out of it (tutorial also from classy clutter)

$5 is a lot better than finding some even from target that are going to be around $50-- plus you can totally customize the color scheme + pattern, although i love this ikat pattern!

here's what you'll need:
curtains (or a twin size flat sheet)
painters tape
latex paint in whatever color/s you wish

check out the full tutorial by mallory HERE

i love this so much! such a fun project + pretty dang easy,
what do you think? will you be making these any time soon?

have a fabulous weekend, xo

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