Tuesday, October 7, 2014

tuesday huesday: leopard

happy tuesday babes!!!
today i want to share one of my favorite patterns, that actually has transitioned into a neutral these days... LEOPARD PRINT.

do you know anyone who doesn't love a little leopard?
i totally remember back to like 5 years ago when i was in college and everyone had to have a "theme" to their bedding or entire bedroom for that matter and i remember seeing a girls room who had leopard EVERYTHING. from her bedding to pillows to rug on the floor to mirror on the wall-- all leopard. 
okay yuck.

too much!!! if you want to sneak some leopard into your home, do it tastefully. as in a pillow on your bed or a throw on your sofa. maybe a little rug in your bathroom.
and it is one of my absolute go-to's in fashion. i love a good leopard flat or pump, scarf, sweater + more but remember as i said before--- you don't have to wear everything you own that is in that pattern at once. in fact, please don't :) another pro to leopard is it doesn't discriminate against age. a newborn baby all the way up to a 98 year old grandma can look just as good rockin' a leopard sweater.

here are a few of my fave leopard finds for you today--  [+] plus signs clickable

have a wonderful day!! xo

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