Tuesday, December 31, 2013

new years resolution: create a glamorous home

we all see homes on tv, the internet, a friend's home, or a neighbor's whom we envy for being so glamorous. you may think much of what you see is unattainable for you, but it is not! there are ways of creating similar looks in your own home. there are ways of replicating expensive tastes without breaking the bank. you'd be surprised at how few minor changes can turn drab into fab. 

where do you even start?
there are building blocks to every glamorous home. a glamorous home is always organized. there is no need to have decor hung on every inch of the wall, or every accessory to be set on the table. edit your selection of accessories & rotate throughout the year. being clean and tidy goes a long way-- make sure everything has "a place". your pretty glass mirrors and metal accessories should always be looking shiny and polished. I will admit- sometimes I can struggle with this myself, here is a little post on ways to keep tidy from salt&peppermoms blog.

what makes something glamorous?
glamour is something special. fabric that looks luxurious and draws you in. materials can be glamorous. metals can be glamorous. colors can be glamorous. these evoke feelings of sophistication and richness. you may need to splurge on one or two items that complete your look. sometimes big things like a piece of furniture or a rug are worth splurging on-- items that will last for years and will be well worth the investment.

where can I look for glamorous things on a budget?
if there are specific items you are searching for- shop and compare online. the internet gives the best resource for price comparison and options. if you like to physically go to stores and hand pick your items- places like home goods[tj maxx] or consignment stores are places you can usually find unique pieces. remember that sparkle isn't glam. glamour is striking a balance. you may have some items you find glamours that happen to sparkle-- but just because it sparkles doesn't mean it's glamorous and too much sparkle can become tacky.

this is one of my new years resolutions....what are some of yours?

happy new years eve, be safe babes!

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