Thursday, January 2, 2014

the best bang for your buck>>> accent chairs

happy new year friends!

today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite accent chairs + where to score them at an affordable price! even more that that, they are all perfect to add that extra pop of texture to any living space.
neutral colors + texture/pattern = perfect furniture foundation

1/ tux sunflower chair 185.99 // 2/ marlow cabireel chair 170.99 // 3/ belmont tufted chair 170.99 // 4/ dhi hive gigi chair 148.45 // 5/ candace upholstered arm chair 249.99 // 6/ andee chair 234.94 // 7/ velvet swoop chair 169.99

I am so excited for all this year holds and where it may take me. I posted this image on my IG feed yesterday
if you are expecting a different outcome, you need to do things differently. I am hoping to improve on many things this year and hoping you'll stick through it with me!


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