Friday, January 24, 2014

diy honeycomb wall >>> + #FGF

happy friday lovelies!
I always find myself subconsciously gravitating to something "diy" for my friday post. it makes sense I guess-- that's when we all have got a few days to get stuff done..right?!

today I found something I really really want to do. one is a little more permanent than the other, but both are fantastic ideas and really make a statement in your home. these would be perfect for a child's room or maybe an office, or reading nook. anywhere that needs a little dimension.

here's the first wall by my sister's suitcase

+ the second by vintage revivals

in love!!!

[image via]

hitting home.
to me this says stop living so rigid in your life schedule and life "plans". be spontaneous, do something out of your comfort zone, do something you are scared to do. stop sweating the small stuff in life- the things that don't really matter. make sure you have a happy life, and one you can look back on and say "yeah, I really lived".

be safe, see you monday! xo

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