Monday, January 27, 2014

new & improved >>> shared bedrooms

happy monday babes!
hope you all had a lovely weekend. I have unfortunately been under the weather for most of it....hoping it's not the flu-- but feeling pretty "flu-like" [I even got the flu shot this year!! :( ]

so it may just be a little please- pass quickly you ugly, nasty bug.

today I wanted to share with you some beautiful & practical 
shared bedrooms
one day when we have a few littles, I want a shared room just like a one of these--enjoy!

images via gusandlula // via houseofturqiose

symmetrical rooms with different images/pictures above each bed

images via mediacache // 4bpblogspot

different wallpaper/decals to define each child's space-- love this idea.

image via pinterest

different defined spaces for each child- boy & girl room.

images via laybabylay // 2bpblogspot
images via bigredclifford

these last 4 images are each of a shared room with child and baby- I think that might be a hard thing, but these are each so beautiful, makea me think it'd be a great idea!

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