Wednesday, May 28, 2014

currently loving: nate berkus

happy hump dayyy! (in my best camel voice)

I took a stroll around target the yesterday, this is usually an at least once-a-week thing, but it's been a few weeks I might dare say!? too long.
anyway, as I was checking out all the new stuff I kept gasping as I looked here and there and everything I saw was yelling "BUY ME!!!"

nate berkus is killing it with his line at target. pretty much everything he's designed speaks to me and if I could, I would have bought it all and made my home a whole lot cuter in the one shopping spree.

here are some of my faves you can find at target right now
most are on sale...a few I had to throw in because I love think are totally worth buying at full price!


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