Friday, May 30, 2014

friday diy: baking cup art

happy friday friends!

with monday being a holiday this week seemed to zip on by, and last night I was so happy when I realized tomorrow is the weekend again! we live for the weekends around here...

for today's diy project I found this super easy + genius idea from the amazing shavonda over at a home full of color blog. she is such an inspiration, has so many great ideas, projects, and always incorporates lots of beautiful color.

I'm sharing her baking cup art tutorial, where she found inspiration through a wall display at west elm. here is the actual wall display and next you will see what she did with that inspiration!

now here is her amazing piece of art

the basic supplies you will need are:

1. canvas (whatever size you would like will work
2. white baking cups (enough to fill your canvas)
3. paint colors

easy peasy right?! check out the full tutorial HERE

see you back monday! xo

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