Tuesday, July 15, 2014

add value to your home with a designer kitchen

hey friends, today we have a guest writer-- Helen Wallis, she is letting us know about designer kitchens and how they can add style + value to your home.

Many people dream of having their ideal kitchen designed and then expertly fitted into their homes. If you are an avid cook or just someone who dabbles in the kitchen from time to time, a bespoke kitchen can transform the space into somewhere you love spending your free time. Whether you choose to have an ultra-modern kitchen or something more traditional, it will add a cachet of style and value to your home too.

1. Sourcing Ideas Online
When it comes to finding inspiration, there are lots of websites to browse through which includes companies that specialise in bespoke kitchens as well as online home decor magazines. There's a heap of information on how to go about the initial planning and layout you'd like to have fitted in your kitchen and once you've got an idea of how you'd like things to look, the next stage is to contact a well-established and reputable company to discuss things with them.
2. Getting Advice from the Experts
There's a lot of planning involved when commissioning a new beautiful kitchen apart from choosing a theme and style, there's all the mundane tasks like knowing where windows and doors are and how much natural light can you take advantage of when sorting out the layout of the room. Then there's the plumbing and electricity to think about, which can become a little too technical for most people to enjoy and which is best left to the experts.
This is where the expert knowledge of professional kitchen designers really comes into its own and leaves you free to focus on the type of kitchen appliances you'd like, the type of flooring would be the best to suit your lifestyle, in short, you get to do the fun things and leave the more boring side of things to the professionals.
3. Choosing a Reputable Company is Essential
When it comes to finding the right kitchen design company to suit the style of kitchen you've always dreamed of having in your home, these days the task is that much easier because you can find a bespoke, luxury kitchen design company online. The problem is you'll probably find you're spoilt for choice with a ton of sites coming up in your browser.
However, you need to establish the company you do business with is a well-established firm that boasts customer reviews and preferably independent ones posted on review sites. This allows you to read testimonials on the company's site as well as leafing through a few which have been published elsewhere. If the company boasts great reviews and their designs are just what you had in mind, the chances are you won't be disappointed with the work and service they offer you. Also try talking to someone you know who had some work done in the kitchen or home, talking with someone who has already gone through this process can really help you.
4. A Luxury Kitchen Adds Value to Your Home
With the property market still a bit flat, many home owners decide to make some improvements to their homes rather than move. Installing a new luxury, bespoke kitchen is one of the things that really does add value to a property. The bonus is of course, you get to benefit from something you have always dreamed of having and when the property market picks up, your stylish kitchen will be something that's bound to impress potential buyers and could even seal the deal when it comes to selling your home! If you've always dreamed of having a luxury designer kitchen fitted in your home, it could be the right time to think about making that decision.
thank you Helen for your expertise, have a wonderful tuesday everyone!

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