Thursday, July 17, 2014

bright night recap

happy thursday babes!!

as promised I am sharing with you today the fun I had last week at the BRIGHT NIGHT EVENT
basically it was just an awesome idea that came from four women who wanted to put on an event for women and for a good cause.
ashley reeves [academic achievement], shelley smith [house of smiths], haylie studebaker [layers clothing], + amy twitty [pink parlor designs] are the brains behind the operation.

here's what they had to say about why they throw this event:
"Our main reason for hosting the Bright Night Event has always been to continue to support women in crisis, so when you choose to become a sponsor, you are donating right alongside us, because a generous percentage of proceeds from ticket sales goes straight to the local Center for Women and Children in Crisis here in Utah."

there were so many incredible sponsors who gave/made such beautiful things!
when we arrived we checked in, grabbed a name tag, made some friends and gathered around tables for lunch in the main room. here is where our first, keynote speaker began.
alison falkner [the alison show] and boy was I blown away.
first off, if you don't know alison you should. she is not only seriously hilarious-- but down to earth, genuine and all around a nice person. her keynote was titled: awesome tools for awesomeness. awesome right?

here are a few points that really stuck out to me:
*things turn out differently than you thought --- use what you have, change your story!
*avoid the comparison trap
*don't poison your well
*you can't please everyone, so why not be pretty damn pleased with yourself

we ate lunch and were all feeling pretty lifted and inspired by her words of wisdom.
after lunch we split up and attended 2 out of 3 classes offered. I was in a major delimma here. diane smith [livy loves to run], becki crosby [whippy cake] + mckenzie deakins [photography by mckenzie] were all teaching and I wanted to attend all.
if I was smart I would have tried to split time in 2 classes maybe, but I didn't want to miss anything-- so instead I just attended diane + becki's classes.

diane smith [livy loves to run] was first. first off- I followed her on IG but really didn't know her personality or anything. and can I just say, she is the sweetest, cutest girl in the world! she was so real, emotional and driven. if you don't know about her story at all, basically she has been overweight her entire life. she has 2 kids and after realizing her weight could harm the 2nd child and seeing her brother return from an LDS mission weighing 100 lbs lighter, she hit rock bottom. she decided to really change her life and get healthy. and that's what she did and continues to do. she talked a lot about setting goals and how to achieve them-- whether it's in weight loss, debt, marriage, etc.
one of my favorite things she said was overthinking leads to negative thoughts. don't think too much, just do it. head over to her blog or IG feed if you want to hear more about her story.

becki crosby [whippy cake] was next. she talked about redefining beauty. her main points were:
1. have clarity
2. personal development
3. behavior
4. regime
"you are what you think"

we then had a break + the 2 more classes before dinner. the night classes I took were from jen hadfield [tatertots + jello] she is just a creative + successful woman! she just released a line of craft supplies, papers, and prints that will be hitting stores next month. she is the kindest and most humble lady ever and we got to use her new craft supplies to make some cool stuff.

last but not least I attended jenna rammell [jennas kitchen] class. she talked about healthy foods to fuel your family. if you haven't heard of jenna, she is one of the 3 behind small fry blog and then started her healthy food journey on jennas kitchen. she posts about healthy recipes and how to fuel your family with good, whole foods.
she is big into #whole30
if you have never heard of it, you can check out her IG. basically it's not sugars, bread or dairy for 30 days. her lasting impression was: good food, good life.

then we ate dinner + partied the night away on the dance floor! check out this awesome video from the party---

I learned quite a bit and got to mingle with some truly inspiring and motivational women. we are all awesome and capable of anything we can set our minds to. if you don't like the way something is happening or you can't find the right solution to something--- make a change. find out what makes you happy and shoot for the stars!

I know this was a lot more writing than I usually do, so hope I didn't bore you all to death, but check out these awesome ladies.
have a great thursday babes! xo

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