Thursday, August 21, 2014

dorm room style on a budget

heading to college is an exciting time for both you + your kids-- I remember being so excited to be on my own and do what i want whenever i want. my  parents were already pretty relaxed with me so it's not like i had this brand new freedom-- i was just able to meet lots of people and hangouts started at 11pm and didn't end until about 3-4 am. funny how things change--- now my bedtime is 10 pm haha
but one thing that I didn't really have was the cutest dorm room-- these days places like target have a whole "dorm" section which is super awesome. below I've made a cute collage of something I would have loved having in my room and everything is pretty budget-friendly!
take a look :)

dorm room style

Assembly Home cone lamp

Flatweave rug

Faux silk drapery

Blue home decor

Modern tufted bed

Wooden writing desk

Timber furniture
$82 -

Drew lacquer end table
$58 -

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