Friday, August 8, 2014

friday diy: catus, catus, catus

welcome to the weekend babes!!!!!!

are you feeling the love with the pineapple craze? those things have been making their debut anywhere from t-shirts, shoes, pillows, artwork, party decor, wall posters, baby bedding, etc. those tropical things are seriously EVERYWHERE.

i mean, i like pineapples too... i even like to eat them, but what about our beloved cactus?

I'm hoping to make my own cactus garden this weekend, like the diy I posted a little a while ago HERE
and I also found some super cute cactus-inspired projects to diy this weekend.

what do you the cactus going to be the next pineapple?

diy cactus pillow---- how freaking adorable!!!
tutorial + image via everything emily blog

hand painted rock "cactus" garden

diy paper cactus', so many fun possibilities and a good way to incorporate kids!
tutorial + image via

one of my favorite cactus ideas--- diy mini cactus pinatas!
so adorable! perfect for a cute party or even some decor for you kids bedroom
tutorial + image via oh happy day blog

feeling inspired to add something cactus into your home??

see you monday, xo

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