Monday, September 22, 2014

before + after: statement bedroom wall

happy monday to you!

today i want to share with you this super cool before + after of a bedroom wall. i love the impact it makes in the room and the best part is that is removable! [perfect for renters or if you don't want to make it permanent/leave holes in your walls!!!]
or maybe the best part is that this project only costs you about $30 + 3-4 hours of your life.

the before is still pretty nice, but i really love the after....

alicia from design on the sly blog is the brains behind this project. she said her husband and her decided to stay another year in their apartment but really wanted a change in their bedroom. with pre-painted white wood, a miter saw, a little hot glue + command strips you can achieve this look too!!

i also love how you can really use your imagination here--- you can make any design you'd like with the wood..for example you could do an easy grid box across the wall, or get fancy and do a scallop wall-- the possibilities here are pretty much endless.
then when you move or are ready for another change, take down the wood and there will be no damage left to your walls! she promises this to be such an easy project, that even the most inexperienced DIY-er can finish this!

check out the tutorial by alicia HERE


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