Friday, September 19, 2014

friday diy: cheap b+w poster art

happppppy friday!!!!!!

do you have any fun plans this weekend? one of them should include making this awesome + pretty dang simple b/w poster wall hanging.

joni from lay baby lay blog had this genius idea to take a black + white photo she loves and that has meaning to her-- had it printed BIG [3 ft. x 4 ft.], made a fun frame + walaaa! awesome art for around 30 bucks.

this is perfect for any room in the house--- bedroom, living room, dining room, kids room...heck even the kitchen!

here are the supplies you will need:
B + W photo 
2 eye hooks
1x2 furring strip [about 1" longer than photo on each side]

click here to see joni's full tutorial and make one of these babies this weekend!!
see you back monday, xo

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