Wednesday, October 1, 2014

fall baking...with pumpkin

okay you guys, the time has come. it is officially fall (and feeling like fall) and here comes the best part---- pumpkin everything.

i seriously can't get enough pumpkin flavored/smelling things. i took a gander on pinterest this morning and found some DELICIOUS recipes that i will be making this fall....maybe even tonight ;)
i also have some yummy white chicken chili soup brewing up in the crockpot that i posted last fall.

baked pumpkin donuts via

pumpkin spice sugar cookie via

nutella swirled pumpkin bread via

pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls via

sorry if you're on a probably shouldn't have looked at this post!

i have some big news--- i am getting lasik(PRK if you are familiar with any of that) i am not quite sure how my eyes will be doing the next few days, so don't worry if you don't hear from me. i will be trying to post to IG at least!

and i want to leave you with this awesome video that really made me reflect myself and when it finished i wanted to yell a big AMEN brotha!!!

seriously you won't regret watching this!

happy hump day babes!! xo

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